Contact us in the bottom right hand corner or via discord : switch#7274 uid: 235061443005906944 is your #1 RuneScape Max Main Rental and other RuneScape services site. We provide services for Old School Runescape or as it’s called by some OSRS. We’ve been providing our RS services with diligence and integrity throughout the years!

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Our primary goal is to provide quality RuneScape Max Main Rental services with low prices and a personal touch. We will always deal with you personally. We have no automated systems or eCommerce systems that would let you get lost in a multitude of customers. We will always take care of your order ourselves!
What is the OSRS max main rental service? has a huge amount of  OSRS stakers. You let us know when you need an account, we set it up, you pay for the usage, and set a deposit in case of damage. Then you will receive the account for a certain period. After the time is up, the password is changed and you are required to log out. Once you have the account, you can do anything you want in the game. As long as it’s not breaking the TOS and putting the account and its items at risk. You can stake, do high-level gold farms, bring your own items and do PKing. Your money, your time, your account. On top of that, you will get a customer service agent oninour friend’s list to assist you with any further needs.
What is the use of the rental service?
It’s very simple. The greatest money exchange on OSRS is the staking business. However, getting your account ready at max melee stats for that is a long and grueling process. With our OSRS Max main rental service, you can begin staking immediately. Our characters come with max melee stats, a whip, and a dagger. The cash for staking you bring yourself. On the other hand, you can combine this service with buying gold from us, and you will have a 100% staking ready account. We offer you a chance to create the fortune of your life, long before you reach max stats on your own. In order to reach the max combat stats on your own, it will take over 500 hours, assuming you are using the fastest methods available. However, those methods aren’t available unless you have a real bank.
Why buy from us?
Because everything on our website is completely achieved in-house. Our powerlevelers create and level up the accounts for  RS Max main renting, there are no queues for accounts as we have hundreds. Our trainers work around the clock providing us with fast & efficient results aswell. The accounts we offer have never been banned or suspended. We wouldn’t be in this business if we ever compromised our client’s safety. Customer care is primary. We will never be satisfied until your safety, convenience, and maximum satisfaction is met. We want you to get the greatest service available for your hard-earned money. Whether it is for Max main renting or other OSRS services! Try us once and you will never switch (pun intended) to a different service provider, that is guaranteed. Our staff works 24/7 (on our chat) so you never have to wait in order to start staking. We encourage you to start small for a short period of time, give us the chance to earn your trust. Having you as a recurring customer is a far better business model than scamming, as nothing travels faster than a bad word. We are aware of that!

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